Ideas for Wrist Tattoo Bracelet

An elegant Japanese cherry blossom bracelet tattoo design on wrist.A wrist tattoo bracelet is a kind of tat design that is wrapped around your entire wrist, and sometimes only the curves located on the side or top of your wrist.  The wrist tat design has very close similarity with armband tat designs.  These tat designs can be a great preference for many people, but they are more preferred by women because of their feminine gesture aside from being exotic and intricate in design.

However, as the saying goes that “no gain without pain”, having wrist tats can be great, but you’ll have to endure embedding them on your wrist since it is a painful area to obtain a tattoo.  One of the most suitable and common tats that you can embed as a wrist tat is a floral tat.  When you ink this kind of tat around your wrist, it will surely make you look elegant and classy.

Apart from that, this type of wrist tattoo bracelet also portrays that you are a lover of nature.  If you want your tat to look more original and elaborate, you can use the images of leaves as well as vine tats for women with your favorite flower.  Another kind of tat that you can use to create a unique wrist tat is a tribal tattoo.

Woman's left wrist was tattooed with the flowers vine bracelet design.

Choosing a tribal tat for your wrist allows you to create a classic design of a bracelet tattoo.  It’s nice to have a tribal tattoo design embedded on your skin because of its versatility.  Another thing is that you can have it inked in any shape and size that fits your taste.  The reason why these designs are popular is that they create a fashionable statement because of their swirling patterns.

Although most of the tribal tats that are used to make a wrist tattoo bracelet are mostly in different black shades to make a colorful design, most women are also using vibrant colors.  In the case of a star tat, it’s a great choice for making a bracelet tat on wrist.  One of the options is to create a string made of stars just on the sides of your wrist, or you can also place them around your wrist.

The religious Buddhism bracelet tattoo design is embedded on woman's wrist.Any of these designs will look great on your wrist.  Referring to a heart tat for women, it’s also one of the popular choices to form a wrist tattoo due to its symbolism and versatility.  Heart tats would look very classy and elegant for all women regardless of age.  Aside from images, you can also utilize words to have an appealing bracelet tat on wrist.

In your choice of the best wrist tattoo bracelet, you can pick from various options in designs and lettering styles to have a special and unique kind of tattoo just like many of the celebrities.  For guys, one of the most suitable bracelet tats for wrist can be a Celtic tat with a barbed wire design.

Other popular designs of wrist tattoo bracelet include a Celtic cross, Celtic heart and Celtic knots which are composed of perpetual loop work that is intertwined throughout the design.