Ideas for Hand Wrist Tattoos

Man's left hand wrist was tattooed with a face image design.What You Need to Know about Hand Wrist Tattoos…

The irony of life is that a lot of people are fond of sporting bracelets, but they don’t want to put them on everyday, so, they turn to wearing hand wrist tattoos instead.  While some have allergy to metals, others dislike the feeling of having leather placed on their skin daily.  If you like a kind of tat that looks like a jewelry, there’s no need to get one which is wrapped around your wrist.

A piece of body artwork that you can easily hide with a dress shirt which is button down, long-sleeve shirt, or a wrist band is your best option.  You can also wear other kinds of wrist tattoos that you can extend to your hand to get the appearance of a “slave” bracelet.  But keep in mind that you have to consider some aspects in getting your wrist tats for the hand.

First, you should be aware that the tattooing process for creating hand wrist tattoos can cause you too much pain since the hand and wrist are areas that are close to the veins, tendon and bone.  Having this thing in your mind, you can expect a painful experience in getting tattoos on those placement areas compared to tattooing done on your forearm.

Woman with bracelet tattoo around her right wrist on the beach.

In getting your tattoo, make it performed only by an expert tat artist that you can trust, and somebody who can use a light hand in tattooing.  Make sure that the size of your tattoo is just enough to cover your hand and wrist because those areas are just limited in getting tats.  In this particular case, you may need some ink touch-up all the way since these kinds of tats can be exposed more to the sun, and that your wrists are always in motion.

Woman embedding the Hawaiian flower on her hand wrist at the tattoo parlor.Another important thing for you to consider in engraving arm wrist tattoos is the long duration of time to heal the wound on your wrist compared to tattooing on other areas of your body.  While in most cases, tattoos can take a maximum of 2 weeks to heal the wound, a wrist tat can be longer by a week or 2.

On the other hand, if you want to get a tat on your palm, you can’t expect your tattoo to become permanent.  In just a short while, it will be surely affected with sweat, and the constant use of your hands can destroy your tat, or cause the ink to fade.  For your awareness, there are plenty of great tat ideas for your hands or wrist, and they vary in style.

Your choice of hand wrist tattoos is not always determined by the size of the tat placement area.  Whenever you think of tattooing your wrist, you may be thinking of having a bracelet, and this is actually a good choice than other tat styles.  You can make your bracelet appear to be a genuine bracelet, or you can create something entirely unique in form.  In getting your hand wrist tattoos, just focus on the basic idea that a bracelet tattoo is completely wrapped around your wrist.