Fire and Flame Wrist Tattoos

Man's right wrist was tattooed with a tribal flame design.The Powerful and Destructive Fire and Flame Wrist Tattoos…

Do you have any idea what flame wrist tattoos are?  Fire and flame wrist tats are designs that are engraved across your arm as wrist tattoos, and their popularity is so immense nowadays.  When flames are embedded on your arm, they can signify a deep passion for an object, transformation or a change.

At the same time, they can also represent a combination of knowledge and light that can serve as a sort of admonition to the user.  Fire and flames as burning image usually connote something religious in symbolism.  When the flames and smoke reach the sky, people believed that the wishes of the devoted persons were also carried to the heavens.

If you wear a kind of fire wrist tattoos concerning a thing which has been burned into a fire resulting to flames, it is believed that the wishes and prayers of the bearer shall be granted, as long as that person lives a spiritual life that is away from sins.  A flame tat is certainly an admirable kind of body art, especially if used as a wrist tat by modern tat enthusiasts.

Man shows his flame tattoo on his wrist in front of photographer.

It can be certain that you have already seen several persons wearing flame tats in public places.  This popular type of tat is ordinarily engraved on your wrist area, reaching your forearm, or you can just place it around your wrist to form an armband.  You can be sure that if you have a flame wrist tat, it would serve as a good eye-catcher.

It would be impossible for others not to notice the piece of attractive fire burning wrist tattoos embedded on your arm.  If you want to catch the attention of other people that surround you, a flame wrist tat can be a good instrument to achieve your aim.  The Fire, being a powerful element, has a unique ability to destroy almost all things that come along its way.

The flame tattoos design is embedded from wrist to forearm.Because of this, flame wrist tats are well-respected and feared by people who knew something about tattoos.  However, while a flame can be destructive in many ways, no one can dispute the fact that it would be difficult for anyone to survive in this planet without the power of this element since it provides all people with light and heat.

While Flames symbolize ordinary fires used in candles, torches, etc., they also signify hope, knowledge and light.  You can have your flame wrist tattoos colored or just one color, but often, they are made in orange and black colors.  Some people prefer to use blue color for their tat designs, while others use red.

These days, you’ll observe that the latest trend in creating these types of tats uses colors that don’t have anything to do with either flames or fire like light green, pink, or white.  What is important is the fact that your tat design depicts the power and exact meanings of your Fire symbol.  In your flame wrist tattoos, the symbol of Fire is one of the 4 major elements together with Wind, Water and Earth; one of the 5 Chinese elements, and one of the 5 sacred elements in Hinduism.