Wrist Tattoo Designs

Wording tattoos on both inner wrist.If you want the wrist tattoo that you intend to embed on your skin to be attractive to other people, then, you can proceed reading this article for some great tat ideas that you can adopt.  A lot of tat enthusiasts desire to embed the inner wrist tats not only because they are very popular nowadays, but also they are simple, and not so visible.

Many people agree that getting inner wrist tats are more exciting than having other wrist tats.  In the case of small or big tattoos embedded at the higher portion of your wrist, they are more transparent, and you can extend this tat design to your arm, or even to your hand.  Another type of wrist tat is the bracelet or wristband tattoo.

Vine tattoo design on wrist.You can encircle your entire wrist with this kind of wrist tattoo, or you can follow the curves on the side, or at the top of your wrist.  Today, wrist tats have gained an immense popularity among tat enthusiasts especially women. These tats are usually done in small size since they are placed on a smaller part of your arm.

One advantage of getting this tat is that it’s not expensive since it is small.   Another great thing with these tats is that it’s easier to find a perfect type that would suit your taste and standards from the various tat designs that are available out there.  There are people who select wrist tats because of their symbolic meanings.

Here are some of the great wrist tattoo ideas that can inspire you to adopt.  Generally, when you’re getting a tattoo design, you should make it compatible with your own personality.  Therefore, it makes sense to know the meaning attached to the tat design that you have in mind.  This way, you won’t commit a mistake of selecting a tat which does not complement the type of personality that you have.

Prayer cross bracelet tattoo on wrist.You’ll find these tat designs in various shapes, sizes, as well as different meanings.  One important thing that you should keep in mind in choosing a tat design is that you should be sure about its origin and significance.  If you are a first-timer in having a tattoo, then, this kind of tat is suited for you.  This is because of its simplicity and small size to begin with having a tattoo.

Among the wrist tattoos that you can search online, you’ll find that the bracelet types of tats which wrap around your entire wrist are one of the most favorite options.  You have several choices of placement areas for these kinds of tats such as chain, quotes or wording, flowers, tribal designs, Celtic and barbed wire.

Cherry blossom flower tattoo on wrist.
Supposing that you hesitate having your entire wrist embedded with a tattoo, you can then opt to have it either on the underside, or at the top of your wrist.  When it comes to wristband tats, they usually encircle your entire wrist similar to a real bracelet.  You can have a simple or an elaborate one depending on the style and size of your choice.

Shooting sar tattoo designs.
Celebrity wrist tattoo.If you try to dig deeper regarding the popularity of wrist tattoos, you’ll be amazed to find out that they are on the rise nowadays as can be seen through the increasing number of celebrities embedding them on their skins.  Among these top celebrities are Pink, who has something on her right wrist, then comes Peaches Geldof who bears a crucifix tat on her left wrist, and Lindsay Lohan who has the word “breathe” tattooed on her wrist.

Therefore, based on your reading here, it’s important that before you get a tattoo on your wrist, you should be able to obtain something about the history and meaning of the wrist tat that you want to engrave on your wrist.  Speaking of the meaning attached to tats on wrist, they can have different meanings to different cultures.

You’ll be amazed to know that during the past centuries, wrist tattoos were believed to ward off certain diseases.  Based on history, a lot of sailors have used these tats as nautical star tattoo designs.  These people strongly believed that tats on wrist can guide and protect them while travelling on the ocean up to their arrival at their final destination.

Large Star tattoo design on hand.
However, during the 1950′s up to early 60′s, the tats on wrist had a bad reputation especially the ones showing the image of stars.  At that time, they were associated closely with lesbians and gays.  But today, this belief has changed, and the stained association with the 3rd sex has been almost forgotten.

Traditional Aztec tattoo design inked on wrist.Your readings of the above would only indicate that it’s really important to know about the real history of your chosen wrist tattoo design.  Before you finalize your decision to embed this tattoo at your favorite tat parlor out of extreme excitement, be sure that you have already gathered some favorable and negative information about it.

At this point, you should be aware that getting a tat on your wrist is not a simple thing to achieve.  Here, you may experience a severe pain, especially if you get it on the inner wrist, since the skin there is thinner compared to other areas of the body.  If you prefer to get tats that have black shades, like the Celtic knots or tribal tats, then, you could encounter more serious pain.

Blue wire Celtic tattoo on wrist.

On the favorable side, wrist tattoos are smaller in size, so, they are done faster than other tattoos.  While you can endure a few minutes of pain, you’ll also have to endure a longer process of healing.  On the positive side, since these tats are smaller in size compared to other tat designs, their cost is absolutely lower.

Lovers matching wrist tattoo designs.The cost for this tattoo is based on its color and size, so, of course you pay less because it’s small, and it has only 1 or 2 colors.  One advantage that you get in having this kind of tat is that you can easily hide it if you want.  By just wearing a shirt that has a long sleeve, or having a bracelet or watch, you can cover your wrist tattoo in the office or in formal occasions.